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The cover is beautiful and smooth, and the contents are well laid out and practical! I am excited for January so I can really start using the planner!

2023 Christian Planner by Faith Planner (Dated, 12 Month, Christian Planner)

I like this Planner

I like this planner, but I feel there are things that can be improved.
1. Many peoples day starts prior 9 a.m and ends after 6 p.m... I would leave the times of so that they can be easily customized by the individual.
2. The Christian week starts on Sunday not Monday
3. at the very beginning of the planner there is a plan for the year but none for the coming week
4. There are no extra pages for phone numbers, contact lists,
5. The space provided for prayer and gratitude is too small making it difficult to write in a thought.

Thank you for your time

2023 Christian Planner by Faith Planner (Dated, 12 Month)
Ruth Davis
Love this Planner

Excellent planner. Keeps God at the forefront of everyday. The white with gold lettering is beautiful. The only thing needed to be 5 stars is a size option. I would love to see an 8 1/2 x 11 version so I can incorporate all activities, thoughts, commitments, prayers, etc etc in one place. Don’t hesitate to make this purchase - it is wonderful!!

2023 Christian Planner by Faith Planner (Dated, 12 Month)
Lisa Berglund
2023 Dated 12 Month Planner

I love the format and it helps keep me organized however it was disappointing to see the scripture used was the same as 2022

The Perfect Planner!

This planner literally has everything I need to keep my days organized and God-focused!

I enjoy using Faith Planner as a planner and journal, I write down things that are going on, holidays and appointments

2022 Christian Planner by Faith Planner (Dated, 12 Month, Christian Planner)

My new favorite planner

I wanted to baby step into faith and gratitude planning this year, and I stumbled upon this gem. The pink color and cross on the front cover make me smile instantly. I love the small portable size. And I love that there are only 3 prompts per day- I can do this! It helps me quickly get down what I am praying for, what I am grateful for, my biggest accomplishment and my to do list each day. And there are 3 days per page, it is that simple. Plus the planner has a monthly calendar section with all the months together, which is my preference. This planner is small but mighty and has streamlined my number of planners and daily time investment. A must have for a busy working mom.

Text is much too SMALL

The text is too SMALL. The text should be larger - ADA compliant. Visually impaired individuals will not be able to use this planner. Some one with 20/20 vision would find it hard to read this planner daily.

Prayer page

Really like the planner. The one thing that is missing for me is the prayer section needs to be larger for each day. Maybe a blank page for each week so you can write names that your praying for. That way you don’t have to go back to each day to gather ones your still praying for.

Faith planner

I meant to order the bigger Christian Planner and can only afford one per year, but am trying to make this work for me for 2022. Had already written in it when I saw you still offered the one I preferred. Disappointed but making it work.

Best Planner I’ve Ever Had

I love the faith planner, because it is so simple to keep up with and helps me stay organized and focused on my tasks. I absolutely love the weekly recap section on Sunday and the ability to take notes from Sunday’s service. I also love how perfectly sized the planner is. It’s just big enough to write in, but small enough for it to not be bulky! I would highly recommend purchasing this planner!

Loving my faith planner

I am loving my faith planner very much.

faith planner 2022

I guess it would be a great planner, but I still did not receive it, although I ordered the planner the more than 5 weeks ago.

Bought one and then bought two more. Love this planner!

Bought one and then bought two more. Love this planner!

Beautiful planner

This is a beautiful planner. It has everything i wanted in a planner and then some. It definitely is a great planner to help you focus on what is most important in life. Worth every penny.

For the OCD Planner

I was super excited about this product and I feel like it was created just for me! The product description and pictures are completely accurate! There are overall goals for the 6 months, daily activities, and weekly activities, note spaces, and a monthly calendar! It is perfect for the OCD detailed person who wants to track everything and loves setting goals! The 4 star rating is because this is no way the planner for everyone. Everyone in my family was extremely overwhelmed by it and said they would never use it! If it’s overwhelming, I would say still give it a try! It’s an amazing planner, unlike anything I have seen, great quality, just pick and choose what aspects to use! 😊

2022 Christian Planner by Faith Planner (Dated, 12 Month, Christian Planner)


bought this planner because I want to focus on my faith more. I tend to start my day with Jesus, reading my Bible while drinking my coffee, but then I let my day consume me. This planner helps me put my faith first all day while also helping me pursue my goals, plan my workdays, and tackle my to-do list. I love the yearly and weekly goals pages; the weekly reflection pages help keep me on task while reminding me to give myself grace through it all. Each day has a description, note area for scripture reflection, schedule, task list, including top 3 action items, prayer list, and gratitude list. It's like bullet journaling without the bullets. It helps me focus on faith without lengthy journal prompts (who has time for that every day?) while still pursuing my other goals. Plus, it's super cute!

so good!

the quality was so good and the package came extremely faster than expected

This my second Faith Planner and I will keep buying them!

This my second Faith Planner and I will keep buying them! I’m VERY particular about my planners and I LOVE this one. It’s perfect, excellent quality, and I received it quickly. Thank you!

A birthday gift

A birthday gift

Good quality

Good quality


Just what I wanted it makes you think it holds you accountable I have no complaints praise God for whoever came up with this idea