A Christian planner, prayer journal, gratitude journal, devotional and habit tracker all-in-one.



We believe that by committing to the Lord each day, we can draw closer to Him and better navigate His path for us. The Faith Planner is designed to help busy Christians achieve their spiritual, personal, and professional goals by keeping Christ at the center of their daily lives. 

Daily Schedule & Tasks

Prioritize your most important tasks and stay organized in your day-to-day plans.

Weekly Goals & Reflections

Center on Him. At the end of each week, reflect on your accomplishments and prioritize your most important goals, tasks, and habits for next week.

Daily Habit Tracker

Stay on top of what's important to you while living a balanced life with Christ at its center.  

Daily Bible Verses

Spend time with the Word each day and watch how the Lord works in your life.

Sermon & Bible Study Notes

Extra creative space for sermon notes, bible study, and journaling about your conversations with Christ. 

Morning Prayer & Evening Gratitude Prompts  

Connect and reflect with God each morning and give Him thanks every night.  

Premium Luxury No-Bleed Paper

240+ pages of premium 120 gsm quality, no-bleed paper.

Undated or Annual Christian Planner

Start and stop at your own pace with space for six months of planning with our undated Christian Planner or buy our 2022 Christian Planner for 365-days of planning.


Choose from five stunning colors in hardcover: solid black, pearl white, premium leather, sky blue and blush pink.


Connect and reflect with God each morning and give him thanks every night. Use our daily prayer journal prompts to stay focused on your faith and track all the ways God is good. 

2022 Christian Planner by Faith Planner (Dated, 12 Months)
2022 Christian Planner From Fatih Planner (Preorder) - Faith Planner
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Undated Christian Planner & Prayer Journal | Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planner | Gratitude Journal, Habit Tracker & More (Half Year Program)
Christian Planner & Prayer Journal | Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planner | Gratitude Journal, Habit Tracker & More (Half Year Program) - Faith Planner
Regular price
Sale price
Regular price
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Live a More Complete Life that Is More Connected with Him 
In our busy lives, we often lose sight of what’s most important. The Faith Planner will help you slow down your daily life and focus on growing your relationship with Christ and becoming the follower He calls you to be.

Get Organized and Increase Your Productivity 
Having trouble fitting everything into your day? Use the Faith Planner to get organized and become more productive. Prioritize your daily tasks and easily schedule important family, service, work and church events so you can be more accountable, create better relationships, and live a well-balanced life.

Cultivate A Life Full of Gratitude & Happiness 
Improve your happiness, mental health, self-esteem, and personal relationships. Reduce your stress, anxiety, fear, and toxic emotions (envy, resentment, regret, depression). Start and end your day positively and cultivate a life full of gratitude.

Achieve Your Goals 
Set your personal, professional, and spiritual goals for the year, month and week with ease. Reduce your stress by being on top of all aspects of your life. The Faith Planner helps you maintain focus and concentrate on the steps you must take to make your goals more attainable.

"This is the best purchase I have made for myself in a long time. This planner helps me keep of one of the most important parts of my life, my relationship with God. I love the additional space for daily sermon and bible study notes. It's awesome!"

Angelique Young

"The new Faith Planner is th simplest ways that I have found to consistently ensure improving my well being and happiness. Both in terms of achievement and my connection with God"

Kyle Barcz

"My experience has been amazing! This is my second time purchasing the Faith Planner, which I truly believe shapes our daily lives to be more positive and gracious."

Dr. Natalia Peczkowska