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Why Having a Christian Planner is a Good Idea

With so much going on in our modern lives, finding time to sit with our thoughts, to pray, and to strengthen our faith can be a real challenge. 

Managing our day-to-day activities is stressful enough as it is. Sticking to our schedules without writing everything down becomes an almost impossibility.

Planners change that in a big way, though. And Christian planners not only help you better schedule and orient your day (your week, your month, and even your year) but also help to strengthen your faith and your relationship with God at the same time.

What is a Christian Planner?

Christian planners are almost identical to traditional planners in every way, except these planners specifically provide “carveouts” to help you focus on your faith.

You’ll find it easy to plan out your day, you week, and your month (even a year) in advance, but you’ll also find it easy to schedule time for you, prayer, and your faith as well. 

Along the way these planners move from being simple logistical records to a living, breathing record of your relationship with God.

You’ll find space to reflect on your day and your faith. You’ll find space to center on a prayer or passage. And you’ll have lots of space in these planners to record how you’re feeling, what you’re struggling with, and reflections on your life, too


How Do You Keep a Prayer Journal?

A lot of people transform their faith planner into more of a prayer journal along the way, too. 

This can be a powerful force for becoming closer with God but also for reflecting on your faith, how you’ve grown, the challenges you’ve pushed through and the person you’ve become in later years.

Best of all, setting up a prayer journal is relatively simple.

First, start each new page with a prayer of verse that means something to you.

This is something you can use to center the day or something to reflect on. Planning it out in advance gives you an opportunity to grow your faith by reflecting on passages you may not have been very familiar with at the time, too.

Secondly, you want to make sure there’s lots of room for creativity and personality, too. 

These parts of your planner shouldn’t become a chore or a challenge. Instead it should add color and life to your planner, giving you a lot of space to be free and creative while reflecting your faith at the same time.

Why is Having a Christian Planner Important?

The benefits of a Christian planner are almost endless, but certainly include:

  • Scheduling valuable time with God
  • Creating a devotional plan that grows as you do
  • Gives you dedicated space and time to consider life, to plan, to pray
  • Acts as a living log of your relationship with God and your faith

There’s real power in centering your life and your schedule with the help of a Christian planner.

 If you’ve decided that a planner like this could benefit you, but aren’t sure of how to get started or how to set a planner up, consider the Faith Planner.

A great option, this planner includes: 

  • Plenty of room to schedule daily appointments and tasks, helping to keep you more organized
  • Morning prayers and evening gratitude prompts to help reflect with God each day
  • Daily bible verses, helping you spend more time with the Word every day
  • Weekly goas and reflection spaces, making it easy to track progress, spot obstacles, and more forward productively
  • Monthly planning that gives plenty of space for His plan to work while still helping you organize as much as possible

…as well as lots of room for sermon and bible study notes, prayer journaling, and more!

Check out our two faith planner products and choose the Christian planner that works best for you.

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