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Why Do I Need a Christian Daily Planner

The Faith Planner was created to help women get back to placing God at the center of their focus. As for some, they can place full trust in God, however their actions may display the opposite. Instead of putting time aside to pray, they are planning. As a result, they are never rested and find themselves consistently trying to get ahead. Then one day, they receive a wake-up call, something that usually prompts an extreme shift in their life. This encourages them each day, little by little, helping them devote themselves to God even more. 

With the Faith Planner, a faith-based daily planner, journal and calendar, you will have everything you need – from a devotional space, to-do lists, a goals list and more. As far as religious planners go, our Faith Planner is unlike any others you've ever seen on the market. Not only because it’s a beautiful combination of the everyday functions of a daily planner, but it also incorporates all the features of a devotional prayer journal. 

So why should you use a Faith Planner? 

1. To be on Track When Studying the Word 

The Bible is the foundation of your faith. Studying the World only offers one singular outcome – knowing it better. The more you understand your faith in God, the more comfortable you feel "letting go and letting God" during even the most challenging of days.  

2. To be More Productive 

In addition to being more faithful, we also wish to be more productive and successful. The Faith Planner is specifically designed for Christian women who want a more productive planner. In each month, you can outline monthly goals, projects and tasks that need to be accomplished – both at home or at work. Since Christian women have hopes and dreams, finding a healthy balance between their worldly aspirations and eternal hope in Christ is key. The Faith Planner provides both of those factors together on one singular page, meaning this balance can be incredibly easy to achieve. 

3. To Journal Down Prayers and Thoughts 

Our Faith Planner is also a prayer journal, or you can even say a “planner journal.” Our page layout is designed to primarily help you focus both on your daily tasks, while also remembering what you are praying for. The planner provides space and blank canvas to pause and talk to God every day as well as an area to remember that conversation throughout everyday life. When you are praying, you are at peace – one of the main factors as to why it is crucial to write down your thoughts and prayers each day and recall the ways God is being faithful in your life.  

4. To Remain Centered in Christ 

The Faith Planner is a God-centered daily planner, meaning that our page layout will remind you to regularly read, write and pray over the scriptures every single day. The more it is done, the stronger your connection to Him grows.   

5. To Keep Christ at Center, Even While in School 

The Faith Planner is the perfect Christian planner for students as wellNot only does the planner help students keep track of their class schedules, remember projects and homework, upcoming tests, but it can also help keep Christ at the center of their focus. Considering college is a significant time in someone’s life, this is also a time when students can take ownership of their relationship with Christ. In summary, using the Faith Planner is an excellent personal tool to foster that relationship while away from home. 

6. To Use, No Matter Your Religion 

The Faith Planner is both a Christian and Catholic planner. Our customers don’t need to consider themselves one or the other to utilize the planner. 

7. To Keep Organization 

At the end of the day, we all need a place to write down our thoughts as it can get a bit challenging. With so many thoughts running through our minds, we usually need to write it down to receive some peace. At its core, the Faith Planner is an organizer. Although most times, we find ourselves dedicating half of our daily pages to devotion time, we need to utilize the remainder of the pages to help keep us on track and organized. We can use the Faith Planner to remember our to-do list, track your goals, remember to study, and stay on schedule during the day.  

8. To Read Scripture 

In our Faith Planner, we want you to immerse yourself in scripture. With verses topping every single page of our planner, you can create somewhat of your own personal Bible, write down your favorite verses, highlight scriptures, and bookmark the pages. Once done, you can always go back to recall your thoughts, especially in times when you need them the most. 

9. To Create Weekly Meal Plans 

The Faith Planner can help when it comes to meal planning for the week, by giving you a blank space to write down breakfast, lunch and dinner plans for each day. Plus, each week includes a notes area where you can jot down grocery lists and brainstorm meals for the upcoming days. 

10.  To Reflect on All of God’s Faithful Ways 

In our Faith Planner, we extended prayer journaling space where you can write down your favorite verses, scripturesthoughts and more. You can even write down your praise, and journal down your prayers and who they are for. You can also bring your notes to church and write down anything you want to remember. Not to mention, this space can be used for work meeting notes, grocery lists, etc. 


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