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Our Faith Planner Can Help You Remember 3 Key Things

During everyday life, we use numerous tools to help keep us on track. For example, we can have a personal trainer at the gym, an app to remind us of when to drink water, an alarm to wake us up in the morning, and another app that measures how many steps we take a day. 

These little reminders keep us at the top of our game, but is there anything out there reminding us of what to do in order to enrich our hope in heaven?  Yes. There are daily Bible studies, prayer time, praying for others – the list goes on. These are all exercises that bring us closer to God. However, they can often get pushed aside until Sundays.  

A prayer planner can help change that. 

The Faith Planner is a kind of Christian planner that provides gentle reminders to talk to God every day. It's not just your everyday, regular Christian planner with Bible verses. With our unique and simplistic design, it can help you remember these key practices that will help you enrich your walk with God. 

Making Quiet Time a Daily Priority 

Scheduling daily time to clear your mind from distractions and numerous to-do lists can help build a stronger relationship with God. Doing so allows you to take hold of your schedule and to focus more on your spiritual health. The Faith Planner will be like your quiet time companion in that it reminds you every day to do these key things. 

Daily Bible Study Habits 

The next step in enriching your relationship with God is reading the Word, however not second hand from a devotional. We recommend going straight to the source. Why daily though? Because there is still a lot to learn and doing something regularly, like practicing tennis or the violin, will mature your knowledge, actions and understanding of God's word.  

Intentionally Praying for Not Only You, but Others 

Praying for others may be the most selfless thing we can do with our day. As you dedicate time out of your day to read your Bible, your knowledge of God's story and belief becomes affirmed and your doubt challenged. As your faith continues to grow, you begin understanding why and how prayer works in your life as well as the lives of others. Most often, you can find yourself reaching a place of true concern for others and be filled with a desire to pray for them – one of the most beautiful aspects of life. 

Remember, your walk with God can be a complicated journey, but just like every good relationship that you are invested in, allowing vulnerability within yourself – give it all of your heart and might, and soon it will flourish into something amazing, with or without a Faith Planner to help you along the way.   

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