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Christian Planner VS Prayerful Planner Vs Faith Planner: Which One Is Best?

The purpose of a Christian planner is to help bring you closer to God. How the Christian planner works will be dependent on the brand that you purchase.

Most Christian planners are going to focus just like a standard planner. This allows you to plan your day-to-day life. However, Christian planners go beyond this. Depending on the planner that you purchase, you may be able to do the following:

  • Make a note of prayer verses
  • Note your faith goals
  • Include bible verses that you can focus on

On this page, we want to compare the three top brands in the world of Christian planners. 

Christian Planner

As the name suggests, the Christian Planner is one of the original 

One of the key features of the Christian planner is the daily habit tracker. This allows you to keep tabs on things such as whether you prayed before bed, whether you had an act of kindness, etc. You can also use the habit tracker to track non-faith goals that you want to keep on track with.

The Christian Planner also contains ample amounts of space where you can make notes from your weekly sermons or bible study sessions.

There will also be space to produce a bucket list or a vision board.

The Christian Planner is available in both dated and non-dated formats.

Prayerful Planner

The Prayerful Planner is another popular planner on the market. It is similar to the Christian Planner in a multitude of ways. However, it functions more as a general planner than just a standard faith-based planner.

With the Prayerful Planner, you have the ability to track your prayers. For each day, you will be given a prayer verse for the day that you can study. Each day will also allow you to list what your priorities are for that day. This will allow you to tackle the things that need to be tackled.

The prayer journal pages will allow you to track your daily prayers. You have a praise section for each day where you can journal what you are most grateful for that day.

You also have the ability to track your bible reading. This is on top of these faith-based sections:

  • Vision board
  • Goals
  • Reflection pages
  • Word or verse of the year pages
  • Purpose worksheets

These pages will really help you to think about what being a Christian means to you. The Prayerful planner actively encourages you to think about your faith, and this is highlighted every single day of the year.

This planner is designed to not just get you through your day-to-day life, but to also act as a historical record of your journey as a Christian. This means that you can look back on your Prayerful journal many years from now and see how far you have come. You can see what parts of the bible you were studying and when etc.

This planner also goes beyond faith. There are sections to produce to-do and shopping lists. You also have a variety of sections to track your physical health. 

Faith Planner

The Faith Planner is another top Christian planner. This one focuses heavily on planning your faith and keeping track of your faith goals. They offer a dated and undated version of the Faith Planner. The Undated Christian planner will cover 6-months, while the 2022 Christian Planner will cover the entirety of 2022.

The Faith Planner, like other Christian planners, will have a page dedicated to each day of the week. This will allow you to do the following:

  • Plan your time down to the hour
  • Read a word or quote of the day
  • Reflect upon the word or quote of the day in a dedicated space on the planner page
  • List your to-dos for the day
  • List what you are grateful for
  • List your prayer requests
  • List the things that you absolutely want to take action upon that day

This will ensure that you can stay on top of your faith, while also staying on top of your life's goals.

You also have a page for each month so you can see that month at a glance. This will allow you to make more general plans e.g. birthdays.

At the end of each week, you have a dedicated creative space for sermon notes, bible study, etc.

This is a leather hardback book that allows you to store it for years. This is fantastic for you to look back on and see how you progressed with your faith goals over time.


The Christian Planner, Prayerful Planner, and Faith Planner are all fantastic planners for Christians. However, it is the Faith Planner, with its two different planners, has the most features for those that wish to record their faith-based life. It also functions incredibly well as a standard daily planner
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