5 Bible Study Plans and The Best Bible Planner For Them

Bible study plans can assist you in becoming a better Christian. A deliberate Bible reading plan can strengthen your faith. A good faith-based bible planner can help develop Bible reading as a habit — something you work into your everyday routine.

But there are so many plans available. How do you decide? Let’s discover the right Bible reading plan for you by looking at what they offer.


The 88-day plan will take you through the Bible in three months. It takes 30 minutes a day. It’s a full-on immersion experience into God’s Word which will allow you to finish the program in less than 3 months.


The one-year Bible reading plan is for the more committed Christian who wants to spend an entire year in God’s word, or someone with time restrictions who only wants to read a little bit each day. With this plan, you will read Old Testament once, the New Testament and Psalms twice.


The one-year chronologically bible reading plan is like the one-year Bible reading plan, but it's organized in chronological order. This will allow you to study God’s Word as events happened historically.


The three year bible reading plan aims for a shorter time commitment than The 88 Day Plan with less intensity per day and fewer bible readings each week (three verses).

It takes approximately 15 minutes each day. You can choose whether to read at different times of the day or just all together every night before bedtime!     


The foundations 260 Bible reading plan focuses on key biblical passages that all believers should know. The idea is for believers to read one or two chapters a day for five days each week, with time off on weekends.

The Best Bible Planner To Track Your Bible Study Plan

When it comes to developing a Bible study habit, having a Bible planner can make a huge impact. A bible study planner can make sure you can plan bible study just like you plan all the other tasks in your life.

If a Bible reading plan is included, it helps you to know just what to read each day instead of randomly selecting a passage to read.

Are you looking for a bible planner that will help you get closer to God? Do you want more bible study time with your family?

Are you looking for a bible planner that will help you get closer to God? Do you want more bible study time with your family? With The Faith Planner, bible study is easy. The Faith Planner is a faith-based planner that Christians can use to plan their life, their daily bible study and their relationship with God.

It's designed to be the best faith-based bible planner on the market, so it includes everything from prayers of thanksgiving and praise to bible verses. You can also plan bible study time with friends or family members using The Faith Planner!