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10 Ways To Become A Better Christian

In Christianity, there is a lot of emphasis on being a good Christian. We are told that Christianity is not about church attendance or how often we pray; it's about our actions and behavior in life. Yet this can be hard to do when the world around us tempts us with things that would conflict with God's will for our lives. This article will teach you 10 ways to become a better Christian through the use of Faith Planner Devotions!

What are Christianity's main focuses?  

Christianity's main focuses are our actions and behavior in life. Christianity is not about church attendance or how often we pray; it's about what we do with that faith in this world! Christianity teaches us that our actions and behavior in life are more important than anything else.

What are the ten ways to become a better Christian? 

  1. Read the Bible Daily.

Do not be satisfied with simply skimming through a chapter to satisfy your conscience. Keep the Word of God in your heart. It comforts, guides, corrects and encourages us – everything we need is there.

  1. Pray everyday.

Spend time in prayer and meditation on God's Word every day, seeking to understand his will for our lives so that we can carry it out faithfully.

  1. Be faithful in God's calling on your life.

No matter what your vocation, be faithful to it. Do not make excuses or quit because you are struggling with the responsibilities of work and family. To stay on track, use a Christian planner, such as the Faith Planner, which is the best one available.

  1. Live holy, not worldly!

We are to be set apart from this world and live as citizens of heaven. Our actions and behavior should be holy; we must strive to do everything as unto God.

  1. Develop true Christianity within yourself by living out the Bible.

Live out what you learn about Christianity. Do not just say to yourself, "I believe the Bible is true," but act as if it is.

  1. Share Christianity with others.

Do not put Christianity on a shelf and forget about it. Share the love of God with those around you, whether they be friends or strangers.

  1. Don't be vain or selfish; be humble and caring for others' struggles too!

The key to Christianity is love, not knowledge. Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself!


  1. Seek Jesus' forgiveness when you mess up.

We are all sinners, so do not get caught up on your mistakes. Ask God to forgive you and ask others for forgiveness too!

  1. Learn how to meet temptation.

The devil enjoys tempting us, so learn how you are tempted and how to confront those temptations. Keep Jesus and what you're doing in the forefront of your mind at all times.

  1. Let love be the ruling principle of your life.

Do everything out of love. Let your Christianity show in the way you act towards others, even when they do not deserve it!

How does Faith Planner help us become better Christians?

Faith Planner helps us become better Christians by providing a Bible plan to follow each week. These plans include daily devotions and prayer points that will allow you the time needed to focus on your faith without overloading yourself with more than you can handle!

Overall, Christianity is about our daily activities and behaviors. Christianity teaches us to separate ourselves from the world so that we could live holy lives, loving God with all of our hearts but also being kind, humble individuals who reach out to others, even when they have wronged us.

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